When we are learning a language, we face numerous problems that slow down or stop our learning progression. This course is separated into 10 steps in which I will talk about these problems you may encounter when learning English and how you can solve them. Please be aware that this is not a grammar course. I will only focus on some of the major problems you may encounter when you’re learning English and how you can study and learn English in a more efficient way.

Some of the main things I will mention include, what “language learning methods” you can use to study a language, the importance of “immersion” and “living the language”. We will also learn how to set “study goals” and make “a study plan” for your future learning purposes.

Last of all, I will provide you with many different course materials to support your language study adventure, that you can download. I hope that by the end of this course you will understand how to overcome some of the obstacles in your language learning quest and speak English more fluently.

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