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Who Are We?

At Ur we’re about Ureducation. We curate the best online courses in the world and bring them to you at the best prices. We partner with online Instructors and Teachers to help them match the right student with the right course.

  • Students find the best courses from multiple sources in one place at the best price

  • Online Instructors & Teachers drive more traffic to their courses for Free

  • Low prices all the time!

  • Cherry picked online courses of the highest quality

  • New courses added all the time


Leadership Team

Mauricio Rubio
Mauricio RubioCEO & Founder
Mauricio started his career in Education when he was just a teen in Colombia, South America. Back then he taught English to pay for books, copies, etc. Today he teaches online from Australia to thousands of students all over the world & works for a leading, global University.


Course development, LMS, CMS, CRM, mobile apps, Facebook apps, web development, new product development, IT, operations, sales and procurement projects across a wide range of industries including Higher Education, IT, FMCG and Equipment industries.

  • Project Management
  • Product Management
  • Team Management & Leadership
  • Agile
  • SEO
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Teaching
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Innovation
  • Advocacy

Works for a prestigious University, ranked 1st in Australia and 8th in the world among young Universities. But like Batman or Superman, that’s only his day job. Out of hours, he’s teaching online, consulting and creating startups. And for fun, he explores new technologies all the time.

JD Alvarez
JD AlvarezCOO & Co-Founder
JD is passionate about Education, Technology, Design, Development & Gaming.

Design, Development, Mobile apps, Facebook apps, web development, video production and branding.

  • Design
  • Development
  • Game Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Brand Creation
  • Video Production & Edition
  • Corporate Identity

Works for a Digital Marketing Agency. But like the great Developers and Designers, he’s always working on a side project. He’s also a kick-ass striker & self-taught game development guru.