Does Ur provide Certificates?

Ur does not provide certificates as you're not taking the courses through Ur. Ur connects you with courses taught by leading online training providers who might or might not offer you a Certificate. Please refer to the specific course details to confirm whether the course includes or not a certificate and whether it's already a part [...]

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How does Ur pick courses?

We cherry pick the best online courses from leading online training providers and teachers all over the world. We do this through a mix of artificial and human intelligence. It's our blended approach to technology and education.

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How does Ur make money?

We don't. Not at the moment. We operate at a loss as we position ourselves in the market. One of our founders funds Ur as we define our business model moving fwd. We're still exploring options, but we're not in a rush. In the near future you'll likely be able to sponsor Ur, by donating as [...]

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